We are more than just a restaurant

Enjoy unique Pan Asian cuisine in the centre of Prague. We offer you a journey throughout Asia in one place. Taste specialities from Japanese showgril teppanyaki, wok, the Indian oven Tandoor or delicious sushi from our sushi masters. All of it in an attractive environment that is divided into several parts including two bars and three lounges. In the restaurant, there is also an open kitchen so you have a great opportunity to watch our cooks during the work.

Our restaurant Asian Temple is a temple of Asian tastes with an international staff of not only cooks. We prepare an original daily menu every day, so you can go to our restaurant also for quick, healthy and especially tasty lunch. You can also use one of our two bars, where our bartenders prepare an aperitif before the fireworks of tastes or a cocktail or a digestif after the meal.   

Then you can relax pleasantly in one of our lounges, sit comfortably in a sofa and smoke a shisha or just have a glass with friends.

If you are seeking for an ultimate privacy, we also offer completely private lounges just for you and your business partners. Not only by food a man is rich. Our decoration, which is from private collections and, at many rare items, we are talking about even several centuries old artefacts, is absolutely unique in Europe.

You will also enjoy evening program. Dj, Micromagic, dancers in Asian costumes, Live Saxofon etc. We offer our own vip delivery service and we are able to deliver our specialities in a luxury packaging right to your home. There are really many things that you can see and experience at us. You can looking forward to delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect experience. 

We are already looking forward to you.


fotka společná web.jpg

fotka společná web.jpg

Our team

heart of our restaurant

Nikola manager
Mek cook
Jirka Waiter